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Promoting sustainable development is part of the Nodis DNA.
Creating a community that is sensitive to the environment, involved and active is a key priority for Nodis. Each of us can contribute to the awareness, dissemination and creation of a common conscience that contributes to solving one of the greatest challenges that we face at a global level: sustainability

sustainability Nodis Student Residence

At Nodis we want to raise awareness and we want to act in a sustainable way. That is why reducing the environmental impact produced by residences is our commitment as a company.

We have developed a strategy and specific action plans to meet this:

Eco-friendly residences:

First of all, we focus on the facilities: their design, execution and maintenance are carried out in a way that minimises the environmental impact.

All of our student residences have optimal energy consumption. They are state-of-the-art accommodations in terms of sustainability, and incorporate the latest technological advances in the field.

Eco-conscious residences:

The other side of the environmental impact coin is the people, our awareness and action to reduce our environmental impact.

3i Programme
At Nodis we use the 3i Programme methodology: inform, involve, incentivise.

Inform. We share tips and knowledge with the resident community to learn how to reduce our environmental impact.

Involve. We implement eco-friendly activities to increase awareness and practical knowledge of actions to be taken to improve sustainability.

Incentivise. At Nodis it’s very easy to be eco-friendly.

Join our performance groups, participate in eco activities and share with your colleagues your commitment to sustainable development.